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Old & News
  Entre les lignes - Tami Notsani, Sans titre 2017
Yona Fischer Collection
Ashdod Art Museum, Israel

The artwork, Untitled, 2017, joined the   Yona Fischer Collection  at The Ashdod Art Museum

Tami Notsani

Untitled, 2017
Inspired by the text "Wall" by Drora Dekel
Film based colour photograph, fine art print, mounted on Dibond, framed, 100x100 cm
Edition of : 5+1AP

  Shpilman Prize
  Nominated for the Shpilman Prize for Excellence in Photography. This edition theme is about The Last Photograph. Results in October

    October 13-14 2018
    Detroit Art Book Fair
    [KA]art Publishing presentation of the book Poste Restante - correspondances
    November 2018 Book Launch

Poste Restante - correspondances

This book includes different series of pictures taken over the last few years in Israel-Palestine, France, Kosovo and Albania. Tami Notsani is mixing genres here: portraits and landscapes, to create suites of images whose rhymes are both semantic and formal. The artist proposes various levels of reading thanks to numerous contributors who wrote short essays, each about one single image.

Contributers : Ami Barak, Simone Bitton, François Cheval, Marc Donnadieu, Clarisse Fabre, Marc Lenot, Caroline et Alfred Pacquement, Maya Sachweh and many others.

Subscription for the Collector Edition with a selected original print. 192 pages, 20x26.5 cm, 47 colour photograph. FR, EN
Choice of 6 film based photographs, 21x21cm, edition of 15 + 2AP each
(Image n°1 - sold out). [KA]art Publishing

Before October 31: book price : 27 €, Collector Edition price: 100 € After this date : book - 32 €, Collector Edition - 150 €
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    October 20, 2018 - January 27, 2019

Un air de famille - Parce que les fantômes disparaissent au lever du jour

    H2M, Contemporary Art Space, Bourg-en-Bresse, France
    Curator: Sonia Recasens
Group show with: Chantal Akerman, Rita Alaoui, Malala Andrialavidrazana, Carolle Bénitah, Morgane Denzler, Gaëlle Foray, Michel Journiac, Mouna Karray, Lebohang Kganye, Malik Nejmi,Tami Notsani, Marie Prunier, Damien Rouxel et Michèle Sylvander.

Laurent Mareschal & Tami Notsani
Recyclable Wedding, 2001
Black and white photograph, 50x75 cm
Photographer : Assaf Shoshan

    November 9 2018 - April 28 2019

Zeitenwende 1918-19


Stadmuseum Karlsruhe, Allemagne

    Curator: Marlene Rigler, Stadtmuseum Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Allemagne
Opening: November 8 2018

Tami Notsani
One of the Franco-German couples image from:
Trait d'union, 2018 (on going project)



Novembre 2018


CEAAC + 20 aniversary of MAMCS, Strasbourg

Exhibition at the CEAAC and in the Krutneau public space: November 8 - 18, 2018
Opening : November 7, 6:00 PM

Curators: Marlène Rigler, Evelyne Loux,  CEAAC, Strasbourg
+ site specific instalation at the Krutenau neighborhood public space for the 20 Anniversary of the MAMCS - Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Strasbourg

Tami Notsani
Trait d'union,
2018 (on going project)
Beate et Serge Klarsfeld
Previsual of the image at the Krutenau neighborhood
  Chapter I: Skanderbeg Square, Tirana
  One text and three images take part in this book.
A presentation of the book and the project, by 51n4e in collaboration with the artiste Anri Sala was at the Architecture Bienale of Chicago.

51N4E, Skanderbeg Square, Tirana
96 p, English
Edited by Ruby Press

  Tami Notsani, Tour de manège 2015-17   2018
    “Merry Go Round”. This was about documenting an event for which I invited thirty or so elder persons to ride on a carousel. For once, the lights were directed on seniors, leaving them to enjoy a happy occasion they could not avail themselves of, as carousels usually are reserved to children. The opportunity to meet with their peers and break the rules is a rare and redeeming one, and it allows the viewer to create an intergenerational link by the proximity of watching. Don’t they say that old age is a second childhood? ?

Photgraphie : Aurélie Morhet

Dossier Tour de Manège
    3 avril -18 mai 2018
    Poste restante - les correspondances
    L'adresse du Printemps de Septembre

Invitated by Christian Bernard

Portraits, landscapes or fragments of situations, Tami Notsani's photographs oscillate between prosaic everyday life and familiar strangeness. It is the history of a look concerned frontally the world, with acuteness, affection and concern. Taken in in France, in Israel, in Palestine in Kosovo or Albania, her images intended as letters for the spectator, his role is to take out them of poste restante and to give them sense

Press :
L'oeuvre de dimanche, Johanna Decorse, La depèche de Midi, 13 mai 2018
Tami Notsani, Innocences perdus, Yves Gabay, La depèche de Midi, 17 avril 2018


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